The Von Skeets are a cunning family and use their prosperity and charm to allure everyone around them. Jack and Penny are the heads of the household and work as psychologists known for their unconventional methods. They have a ravenous appetite for sex and love everything kinky and taboo. Then there is Theodora and Tyler, stepsiblings with the same sexual appetite as their stepparents – but Theodora and Tyler might be even more insatiable for pleasure. Close by are the Badcoxx, another well-to-do family. Aaliyah and Calvin’s marriage is falling apart, and all they seem to do is argue anymore. Their stepkids, Coco and Josh, just want things to return to normal. When Theodora and Tyler meet Coco and Josh, they are immediately smitten with lust. Soon, they do everything in their power to seduce the other stepsiblings and corrupt their virgin minds. Coco and Josh are easily swayed and caught in the Von Skeets' plan. Tyler fucks Coco hard, and Theodora eagerly takes everything Josh has to offer. The four teens then swap, so it’s raunchy stepsibling-on-stepsibling sex. Soon after, Aaliyah and Calvin receive a mysterious flash drive. It contains hidden camera footage of Coco and Josh fucking in the Von Skeets’ pool. Mortified, Aaliyah and Calvin confront the Von Skeets, attempting to get to the bottom of this footage. Bewildered, Jack and Penny assume that their butler, Jay, must be the culprit and fire him on the spot. The Von Skeets assure the Badcoxx that the footage will never see the light of day. But their coyish plot does not end there, and Jack and Penny convince Aaliyah and Calvin to begin therapy. They agree, albeit skeptically, which sets the Badcoxx down a dark and intimate path of self-discovery. Everything quickly changes, and soon everyone gives in to their deep and unquenchable lust. See Aaliyah, Coco, Penny, Theodora, Calvin, Jack, Jay, Tyler, Josh, Freya, Link, London, Ophelia, and Rusty like you’ve never seen them before! This brand new feature-length Team Skeet Premium movie pushes the boundaries of all things taboo…

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